The Valentines Countdown Tree…


Remember the old Valentines countdown last year?

This year I used similar materials, but a different presentation.


So what did I do:

I cut hearts out of brown paper bags and then glued them together leaving an opening at the top…that opening was later filled with Valentines candies.

I took a white paint pen and drew some stitching on the edges.

Then I painted numbers on each heart 1-14.


The I filled each heart with the candy and closed the opening with glue.

After everything was dry, I took some bakers twine and hot-glued a loop to the back of the heart to make a small ornament.



Now the tree is ready and waiting for the final countdown…


Everyday, my kids will find a numbered heart and open it to find a fun little treat!

A Valentines House…

I have to admit that sometimes I am more like a kid when it comes to projects than my own kids.  This is an example of it…


At Christmas time, my girls where so ecstatic about the little nativity scene that sat on our entry way table  during Christmas.  When it was time to put it away, I felt a little sad…so I came up with the next best thing “ A Valentines Mouse House”

They love it, and play with it daily.  The hardest thing will be parting with it come February 14th.

So what did I do:

I bought an unfinished house from Michaels crafts (On sale I might add!)

Painted it! 

Put Sticky cork on the floor and made little curtains.

I made little flower pots for outside the window and then purchased some Calico Critters. ( I did find cheaper critters at Target later, which I am still kicking myself as to why I did not get those instead!)

Valentines Countdown…

So I have to admit that I actually got this idea from one of my favorite bloggers Dear Lizzy.  She is so creative ( even more creative than I) but I took her idea and changed it up a bit…my girls are in LOVE and cannot wait to open a new heart each day!



So what did I do?

Cut out hearts from brown paper bags…


Glued them together leaving a space at the top to fill with candy…


Painted numbers on them…

SORRY ABOUT THE HORRIBLE PHOTOGRAPHY ( It was early and the sun was rising through the window!)


Fill with candy and then sew the edge of the heart with red thread…


Hang them up using some type of string and cloths pins…