Make a state…


Good morning everyone…I wanted to show off a little piece of art that I had made a few weeks ago.  It was simple and looks pretty cool! 


So how did I do it…

I printed off a template of a state that I wanted to cut out ( this case being Oregon…)

I drew the picture of the state on MDF…this is wood leftover from a previous project my husband and I did!

I took a jig-saw to the wood and cut out the state.

Of-course it wasn’t perfect, so I sanded the edges!

When I was done sanding the edges, I stained the front of the state and added some paint to the edges. 

I finished it off by adding some twine to the back of it as a hanger!


If you are curious as to how I made the art piece above the cut out state go here.

Turn a special bag into Art


I had a friend who was carry around this bag at soccer, and I asked her if I could have it.  Being that my youngest daughter’s name is Lucille, I had to have this bag! ha ha


I took it home and cut it out to the size of a small painted canvas.  I then adhered the cutout bag to the canvas with glue.  Once the glue was dry, I painted to layers of Modge Podge to the canvas.




Wood Wall Art

I was needing some art for my downstairs bathroom, and I wanted something fun but simple at the same time.


I bought a thin piece of wood and stained it with basic wood stain.  The I used letter stencils to trace out the word SMILE.


After the tracing was done, I painted the letters in with white acrylic paint.



I screwed it to the wall with metal screws after it was done to give it an  industrial look.


I love it and it gives you something to think about while sitting on the john.


A bicycle built for five…

So I have been a little MIA in the blogging community due to the fact that our family had some kind of sickness and also we spent all of our moo’lah on professionally landscaping our backyard ( it was worth every penny however!)

So with that little schpeel out of the way, I needed some art for a blank spot in our living room, and I wanted it to be FREE.

Remember this….Here.

Playroom Chalkboard

When we moved, it sat with no spot to go, so I changed it up a bit…



Lets just say I cut it up and made a new canvas!

My husband and I used to bike a lot ( before we had kids of course!) and so I have a fondness of bikes…



State themed pride for your wall…

I saw something on Pinterest a while ago and I thought it would be fun to copy it…

A lot of the time, I like to do projects that are cheap or free.  In this case it was FREE. 

I used an old box that I had…


I removed the sticker off the back and stained it.


I painted the edges yellow and nailed the NEVADA shape onto the board.  I then used thin wire to wrap the nails to form a state shape.


I think it works well along side our world map…