Pots of Gold…

So this year I decided to do a tiny bit of decorating in honor of St. Patrick’s Day…

My girls love to do crafts, so I decided that painting some terra cotta pots to make pots of gold would be perfect!


We painted the pots with chalkboard paint and I wrote the names of our girls on each one ( with their favorite color of chalk to be exact…)


I then filled each one with gold wrapped peanut butter cups and gold chocolate coins.




I got the idea from Pinterest…you can see it here.

Pinterest things to try…


                Black Painted Terra Cotta Pot ( Pot of Gold)

I know it is a little early to start thinking about St. Patty’s Day, but with Valentines Day right around the corner, I was thinking it would be fun to do a few little things…

I have never been one to decorate much for St. Patrick’s Day, but since my girls learned about the “little green man” holiday it seems to be a big hit! 

I thought this idea was simple and cute. I was even thinking you could do chalkboard paint if you wanted to write something, but I like the simplistic black look…and of course you can’t forget the gold chocolates!

If you would like to see where I got this…go here.