Protecting your wood fence with Linseed Oil


I am going to apologize NOW for the boring content of this post, however painting my fence with Linseed Oil is something I have been longing to do…  it is one of those things that is not exactly fun to do , but it makes your fence look muy A-w-e-s-o-m-e when done!

What do you need…Linseed Oil, a paint brush for Oil, Rubber gloves and a container to hold the oil while painting.


This give you a comparison…




Repair wood with a stain pen…


I inherited this piano last year from my grandparents, and it is by far my favorite piece of furniture in our house.  It is old, but in very good shape. With age however, there will always be a few areas that need some touching up…


So the piano itself is in amazing condition, but the bench looked a little beat up. 


and this is where the stain pen came in handy.  I used a Minwax Wood Finish Stain Marker in Mahogany.  ( There are MANY colors to choose from)


And here is the repaired piano bench…




Patch and paint wall holes…

We are going to play the game…WHAT IS MISSING?

Take a look at this picture from Halloween…


and then take a look at this picture…


ok…you got me, there is a missing buffet table and NO Halloween decorations!

My house looks really boring right now!

No really look again…

I don’t have a wine bottle rack anymore!

I am not a big wine drinker ( alcohol for the fact) and either is my husband, so as I was preparing for my newly painted buffet, I decided that having two dusty wine bottles on the wall, was probably not the cutest thing in the world!


What did I do?

I removed the wine holders ( from IKEA)

Removed the EZ anchors…

Sanded down the dry wall where the hole had been ( it had some rough edges from the EZ anchors)

Covered each hole with Wall Putty or in my case DAP dry dex.


I let it dry for about an hour, or until the putty was white. ( This particular putty goes on pink and dries white!)


Once it was dry, I painted over it with the same brown paint…


It looks as perfect as new…well not perfect, but pretty close!

Paint your fence…

WOOT WOOT it’s MONDAY….Hope you all had a great weekend! 

My hubs and I bought a new car (I bought myself a minivan…can you believe it, I never thought I would say that!)

….and painted a fence!


It’s that time of year, and HOA letters came out saying that our fence needed to be painted.  It was one of those things I “kinda sorta” wanted to avoid.  I have to admit for the first time…I really did not want to paint something! 

What was even worse, is that we ( my husband and I) bought a gallon of paint, got it home, started painting and realized it was BAD…thick, clumpy etc.

Soooo…I had to return it.  Get this I got to speak to the Glidden rep about my bad paint…but he was also the guy who sold me my last mortgage! ha ha…Weird career change!


Who doesn’t power wash in a skirt, don’t I look like I am having fun???


This is about the point where my hub says…something is wrong with this paint…it’s TOO thick and not going on right!


My in my ugly paint clothes…thinking “ARE WE DONE YET”


Fence 1


fence 2