Pumpkins dipped in Paint

With Halloween right around the corner, I was looking on Pinterest for some fun and super easy Halloween ideas…

I came upon this one


You could either dip the pumpkin straight into the paint ( although you may have running and dripping) like this one:  SUPER COOL!

Neon Paint Dipped Pumpkins (previously white spray-painted) - now that's different! :o)  Ça c'est différent! Citrouilles blanches (peintes à l'aérosol) trempées dans de la peinture néon...

I found this here.

You could also tape off the pumpkin with painters tape and paint the bottom of the pumpkin with craft paint.  Either one works and both look cool!

Pinterest things I want to try…


                              Dry Erase quotable frames


                                Oh my goodness, I have to do this!

With all the talkers in our house, we could fill those babies up…

There is not much painting involved, but the creativity can come in other ways….

If you want to see this go here.

Pinterest things to try…



                    I know this is definitely not for everyone…




We are in the first stages of designing a room for our two older girls, and the only request was “a princess room”…now don’t get me wrong, a princess room would be fun, but a little tacky too so I am trying to incorporate the best of both worlds…

First picture go here

Second picture go here