The Tree Mural…


I rarely paint murals in my own house, only because it usually is not the look I am going for, but…as I was playing in our playroom with my girls, I felt that it needed something FUN.

I started painting away with no plan and viola…this is what I got!


It’s definitely a little rough around the edges, but I actually like it that way…


If I get tired of it one day, I can simply paint over it…that is the joy of paint!

Have you ever looked (part two)…

More painted murals from my time working as a visual merchandiser.  My favorite thing about going into department stores most often is not looking for clothes, but looking for fun displays!  You really will be surprised by the amount of artwork you see!

If you are looking for design ideas, sometimes walking in a store is the best way to pick up some design tips!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

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Have you ever looked?

I always asked that question when people asked me what I did.  I was a visual merchandiser for Macys a few years ago before starting my teaching career.  A visual merchandiser basically decorates the store.  My job was to do murals. 

Sooo if you ever are in a department store, stop and look around.  You might actually see some really cool things!

Check out some of the fun things I did….I will post more tomorrow!

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