A re-painted mirror…

When it comes to design, I am probably the most particular person out there.  A few months back, I painted my girls bedroom mirror to match the pink in their new bed spreads  you can see it here.

The pink I chose, did not match the bedding as close as I would like, so I re-painted the mirror again!  This time I brought the bedding with me to the store and matched it.


Girls mirror





Painting a mirror…a tutorial

Yesterday, I posted about how I needed to re-do this mirror in my girls room.  I debated on whether I want to do the mirror Lime Green or Pink.  I gave in…my daughter wanted PINK! Pink it is…


I decided rather than buying pink spray paint, I would use the pink acrylic paint I already had from their flower painting.   So I began putting on the first coat of paint.



To protect the glass mirror and paint the inside of the frame, I used regular masking tape around the edges.


When finished, I wanted to give it a coat of acrylic sealer ( to prevent the paint from coming off) so I quickly sprayed the frame.  If you noticed, I also covered the frame with a roll of painting paper that I had to prevent sealer from getting on the mirror.


If you are curious about what type of sealer I use, I always rely on my favorite…Clear acrylic Sealer by PLAID.  Matte of course!  Available at any craft store!


It really turned out just the way I envisioned….






Now on to hanging it…more about that later!