Paint your house shutters…

A few months back, I decided it would be fun to paint the house shutters.  When we moved into the house, it bugged me that they just died against the house color.

Naturally I wanted to paint them black to pull out some of the black color in the stone.

It was actually very easy painting the shutters. 

The each had 4 screws that came out really easy, and I gently took them off…minus the yellow jackets that tired to kill me!

P.S.  Yellow Jackets like to build hives in shutters, BEWARE!

These particular shutter’s were plastic…I had no idea.

I gave them a good cleaning with soap and water, let them dry and then painted them black with flat black spray paint.

So easy and such a big difference!

Happy Wednesday!

DSC_0703 - Copy (2)


House Shutters