The Halloween Tree

So I started breaking out some Halloween decor…by the way- I just love this time of year…my fave!

As I was going through my big orange Halloween Box, I remember that I had made this last year.   The only thing I did this year, was add the spooky Tissue ghosts!

My girls love it and look at it multiple times a day…


So how did I do it…

I purchased a cheap vase and used black and white craft paint to give it a marbles affect.

I used some floral foam ( the green stuff) and glued it to the bottom of the vase.

I found a branch in our front yard and spray painted it black.

I used hot glue to adhere the branch into the foam, and also glued moss at the base.

I bought some Halloween ornaments at Michaels crafts and also made ghosts out of Facial Tissue.

Have you done any Halloween decorating projects lately?

Happy Thursday!  Paint with LOVE.