Odds and Ends…

Do you ever have those weeks where you want to get odds and ends completed… that was me this week.  I  want to say that I miss decorative painting, but it feels SO GOOD to complete projects that have been lingering in my mind…

What have I been working on?

Finished Painting Kitchen and removed the fridge so I could get behind that.

Took the blinds off in the living room and painted in the window sills.

Painted my dining room and removed the large mirror so I could painted behind that.

and a a few little odds and ends around the house…

I am working on the house tour, and because of all my finishes it should look somewhat MORE complete…

Here is my welcome sign that I spilled stain on about 3 months ago…


With a fresh coat of spray paint, she looks new again!


Now it just needs to warm-up, so I can plant some fun flowers!


A garage needs love too!

How many times have you seen a pretty garage?

Most people think of their garage as a space in there house that is “NOT SO PRETTY.” The garage has not only been used to house a car, but it has also become a dumping ground for extra stuff! 

Who says a garage has to be ugly?

  I am a big fan of my garage if you could not tell.  I believe that the garage is another room in my house, and that it needs just as much love as the rest of the house! 

In this picture, I used masking tape to create an outline of my mountain.  I painted the sky using different colored acrylics to give it a Monet type look.  I then used black spray paint along my mountain outline to give the bottom of the line a less  defined edge.  Lastly I put in a small little mountain bike using a black permanent marker!