An OLD canvas painted NEW…

So when I was pregnant with my youngest daughter, I did her room in butterflies and decided it was only appropriate to do some kind of butterfly art.  I painted a canvas pink with Plaid craft paint and then layered it with different types of pink colored tissue paper.  I then printed out a stencil and used white craft paint to do the flower/butterfly pattern.  It looked so great in her room, but change is upon us….


So what did I do?


I started by painting the canvas with leftover Rustoleum chalkboard paint.


This is the canvas painted and drying!


I then printed out letters from our computer and cut them out to make a stencil…


Again, I took Plaid white acrylic craft paint and started to paint the stencils.


I gently peeled off the paper stencil…


and Viola…I am done!

Playroom Chalkboard

I have yet to finish the room and hang it somewhere, but that is a work in progress!

The chalkboard…

A few months ago, my good friend Sara painted a chalkboard on her wall like the one in my house.  Since painting the chalkboard, she has used it like crazy!

To make a long story short, she is moving…and I wanted to make her something fun to take on her new adventure!

I took a regular frame…spray painted the frame white, removed the glass and painted the frame backing with chalkboard paint. Then I put it together and there you have it!








Going back to School….

Ok….you got me, we are not really going back to school, but we are going to a dining room nook.  That’s were we find this chalkboard painted on the wall.

Blank walls make perfect spots for chalkboards, especially in certain types of work space like a kitchen/nook, playroom, office etc.

In this picture, I measured and taped off a large rectangular shape that was fitting to my space. I then painted it with Magnetic paint, which I do not recommend because it does not work that well.  On top of the magnetic paint, I painted about 6 coats of chalkboard paint ( found at your local home improvement store ).  I cut regular chair rail molding to go around the edges.  Before putting up the molding, I painted it using white and brown paint to give it a distressed look!  To attach the molding to the wall, I put a strip of wood glue on the back of the molding and then nailed it up using a nail gun!

If you decide to make your own chalkboard, let me know I would love to see it!