Re-Staining a Candler Holder…

Last week I went thrifting for some buffet décor.  I will show you my amazing buffet tomorrow… As you can see, I purchased Betsy the Sheep ( doesn’t she look like Betsy!), A glass bowl, and a candle stick.

I bought them with things in mind…

I painted Betsy already, see here.

The candlestick was next…


But what you cannot see, is that the candle holder has some major scuffs of it that need to be fixed!


I bought a Minwax wood finish stain stick in a similar color and colored away…



and here is the finished product…not perfect but REALLY GOOD from a distance!


You can see just a bit of my new buffet in this photo, but tomorrow I will post the big reveal!

Candle holder time…

I made these a few months back, but I really love looking at them daily…they have an old-fashioned, but modern rustic look to them at the same time.


So how did I complete this project:

I went to home depot, and picked out a 4 x 4 wood post.  Then I took my tape measure and measured lines onto the post (yes, I drew on the post with pencil, before I even had bought it!) I had the home depot lumber man cut the post into 3 separate pieces for me…the rest of the post I eventually used to make a raised garden bed…

Garden bed 2

I took the three separate wood blocks and drilled a deep spot for a candle in the top using this drill bit…

After the holes were done, I stained them using a regular clear wood stain.  You can learn more about stains here.

I then adhered the candles to the top, by melting some wax into the wood hole of the block.

These are fun and easy to make…I get more joy out of looking at them than I actually thought!