Paintable Wallpaper- Faux Brick

Ok so I have to admit, when I ordered this, I was REALLY excited.  I do not like the look of mural brick (painted brick on a wall without texture), so I found this wallpaper…wallpaper with texture…that was even paintable!


I waited patiently for it to arrive to my house, and when it did I could not wait to put it up!  I got it up…



and started to paint it…grout first


then brick… and this is where the Oopsie Doopsie comes in…


I hate it…

It looked cheap!  My husband usually does not say anything about my work, but he REALLY did not like this!

It was coming down!

If you like the look of painted brick on a wall, it might be for you, but I like it better without paint, and for that matter without wall paper…

Back to square one…and I actually missed my blue wall!


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