A Pinterest Fail…


Mine look similar RIGHT?

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So I Pinned these two amazing looking candle holders and decided I would try them out for the Pinterest Challenge

What I did not anticipate, was how hard it may actually be!

So here is how it went down…


I got two glass vases ( really cheap ones at Wal-Mart…not a total loss!)

Rubber Bands

Spray Paint

Votive Candles ( Not Pictured)


I covered each vase in an array of different rubber bands…


I sprayed each vase with two coats of spray paint…


What made this a TOTAL disaster?

Paint leaked under the rubber bands

Paint did not dry under the rubber bands

Paint Peeled from the glass

I eventually used a scissors to remove the rubber bands, because it was a MESS!

Would I try this again?

Probably not…


Do I feel bad I did it?

No…how do you ever know if you never try it.  I loved the look of them a lot and I always had plans to re-create them!

37 thoughts on “A Pinterest Fail…”

  1. 🙁 Hate it when something looks so easy until you’re knee deep. Looking back at your pics, I kind of like the look of the white one before you took the bands off. And I don’t think that one is too bad even after. It was a great try.

  2. That’s a bummer it didn’t work out. The inspiration is really cool. I wonder if it would work with just the flatter rubber bands? It seems like those lines turned out better? Great idea though! I love that you took a stab at it 🙂

  3. Haha, my project I did for last season’s pinterest challenge was a total bomb too. It’s ok, now you’ve informed others of the problems you had with this project, maybe they’ll avoid them! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Oh no! I have this pinned too and wanted to try it this weekend! Do you think it would have worked better if you had cut off the rubber bands while the paint was still wet??

    1. I did that…I think maybe a should have left them for a week to completely dry or tried tighter bands. I am going to try doing what my first commenter said…I am going to put the rubber bands on again and then paint it for a cool looking design! Thanks so much…let me know how it works if you try it!

  5. I have these pinned too, and I looked at your photos and hers just now. Hers are don’t have perfectly clear edges, either. However-she used twine and not rubber bands-I wonder if that’s the big difference?

    1. You should totally try it, I don’t want to discourage people…Let me know how it works if you try it! Use twine instead of rubber bands, I think that would work better! Thanks for visiting!

  6. Aww, sorry this didn’t work for you! I tried doing this a few days ago after seeing a very similar Pinterest image. The difference was that they used yarn. I tried it with twine and it worked really well! I used very light layers of paint and I think that helped too.

  7. Oh my goodness! I’ve been wanting to try this so badly too! What a bummer! I wonder what would help… 🙁 I’m so glad you linked up though! I love when people show things that don’t go as planned because it helps to figure out how to do it differently next time!

    1. Thanks for hosting this Pinterest Challenge! I love things like this…it did not go as planned, but I think I have found some inspiration from comments to try it again! Thanks so much!

  8. you should keep trying, i think you should remove the bands before it dries.. or cut them up.. like when you’re painting walls with painters tape that you have to remove them before it dries.. but that’s just my thought =) but that’s a great project to try

  9. I tried these too and they turned out just as bad. I’m going to get some more vases and see if it works better with bands flattened. The few I did make sure they were flat turned out absolutely great so… Should work!

    1. I like challenges, and you are right…Pinterest does make us think we can do anything! I guess my take on it is that it’s more inspiration, and I really should not do an exact copy!

  10. Hey, at least you tried, kudos for that! I do look forward to seeing what you are going to do with them though because that new idea sounds great!


  11. i tried these several times …several diff ways…my yarn and twine moved and slid down the glass….bumer….i waited a long time before taking bands off and took paint with it…….

    1. a friend of mine did this same craft , but used spray anheasvive, rubberbands, then rolled in glitter,,then sprayed with polyurethane..hers look amazing

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