My dresser turned Buffet…

I have finally finished, and can’t wait to show it off.    This dresser and I have lots of history together, but who would have ever thought I would one day use it as a buffet…( laughing inside)!

If you want to the the original story of this dresser go here.




After  and        Untitled



So here was the plan…

dresser redo

I changed it up a little bit to make it work with my black chairs.  See here.

Here are a few pictures of the whole process…


I used CitriStrip and Sand paper to remove the old varnish from the dresser.  The Citristrip worked OK for this project.  Next time I may just go with the heavy duty stripper.  I had a hard time removing some of the left over residue, so I had to use mineral oil.


Once all the Citristrip GOO was off, I started priming the dresser with KILZ general purpose primer.



I then went on to paint the bottom with a white interior paint that I had used on other things and same with the top.  I painted it black.



When I was finished, it looked so amazing.  But then with every project, there is usually a WHOOPS…I will tell you about that tomorrow!

Happy Tuesday!  Paint with Love

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