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Happy Valentines Day!


Painted letters


Ok so I have to admit, I cheated on this one…I actually got the letters from Michaels crafts in the clearance section however they needed something more!  That is where this post comes in to play….

I purchased the letters…


I wanted something to tie them together and so I went into our garage and found some left over wood.  I cut the pieces into a plus shape.  A + B….


I wanted the distress of the other letters to match, so I took some black paint and water and did a wash on the wood.  Then I took some blue chalk and lightly covered the surface to give it some more color.


and there you have it!


For the Love of Painting Mobile Paint Parties

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What I am painting currently:


My craigslist nightstand…more on that next week!

Make a state…


Good morning everyone…I wanted to show off a little piece of art that I had made a few weeks ago.  It was simple and looks pretty cool! 


So how did I do it…

I printed off a template of a state that I wanted to cut out ( this case being Oregon…)

I drew the picture of the state on MDF…this is wood leftover from a previous project my husband and I did!

I took a jig-saw to the wood and cut out the state.

Of-course it wasn’t perfect, so I sanded the edges!

When I was done sanding the edges, I stained the front of the state and added some paint to the edges. 

I finished it off by adding some twine to the back of it as a hanger!


If you are curious as to how I made the art piece above the cut out state go here.


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